GT Custom Built Homes, Inc.

Thomas DiMatteo

In 1969 when the business incorporated, Tom became the president of G.T. Custom Built Homes, Inc. Tom has over 50 years in the residential building business; there is not much in residential construction that Tom has not seen.

When prospective home buyers want to discuss building a new home, they will be meeting with Tom directly. He listens to their wish list and helps them organize their ideas. Tom uses his 50 years of experience in the industry to transform those thoughts into concrete plans and specs. During several meetings, Tom provides practical insights that help clients develop their dream home at a price that they can afford. Tom takes pride in building each and every custom home; because no two family’s needs are identical, neither are our homes. Don’t expect to see Tom just in the office. Tom takes a hands-on approach to running the business. He makes sure to spend enough time on the job site to personally make certain that the houses are being built to a highest standard.